About Us

Our History

The Southwest Ohio GIS Users Group (SWOGIS) was founded in 2010, with the desire to provide GIS professionals in the region, an avenue for communication. Among our goals:

  • Share data, ideas and expertise
  • Support state organizations and efforts
  • Strengthen GIS relationships across the broad spectrum of organizations, including both public and private sectors
  • Educate the public and officials on the benefits of GIS

To accomplish these goals, we will hold regular meetings, provide guest speakers and training opportunities, distribute a newsletter and maintain a website.

We encourage participation from all skill levels and backgrounds. The only requirement is a desire to share your passion for GIS.

Steering Committee

Kelly Wright, President

Martin Kim

Andrew Wilson

Jen Hanauer

Meghan Jones

Robbyn Abbitt

Tom Harner

Andrew Aidt

Kathryn Youra Polk

Shayne Gray

Ken Carrier

Eric Moody

Judy Holtvogt

Doug Kotnik

Mark Yandrick

Larry Rover